Tree Planting Program


What is it and how is it beneficial?

The LSWCD Non-Ag Reforestation program is targeted at planting trees to permanently reforest currently non-wooded land.  Some of the benefits of reforestation included improved water quality (both surface and groundwater), reduced soil erosion, increased wildlife habitat, shade, and of course the beauty of the trees themselves!

Who is eligible?

Owners of non-agricultural land within Loudoun County.  Sites with riparian (streamside) planting areas will be given priority. This includes private land, commercial/industrial properties, or Home Owners Association property.

How much funding is available?

Reimbursement for planting is provided at a rate of up to $7000.00 per acre including eligible costs of trees, labor, and deer protection.

How does the reimbursement work?

Landowners will be reimbursed after planting, following the submission of receipts and a copy of the recorded Declaration of Restrictions to preserve the planting area and a site inspection by LSWCD or County staff.  A follow-up site inspection will occur at one year to evaluate the planting success criteria (75% survival with uniform distribution).  Additional planting may be required to achieve the success criteria.

What do I have to plant?

1) 260 Virginia native deciduous trees /acre (150 Canopy/110 Understory), 3-gallon, planted 13 ft. on center. Only Virginia native trees are allowed.


2) 450 Virginia native deciduous tublings/acre (250 Canopy/200 Understory – with tree tubes, stapled mats, and stakes), planted 10 ft. on center. Only Virginia native trees are allowed.


3) Optional Evergreens:  Up to 25% of the canopy trees may be Virginia native evergreen species.

4) Optional Shrubs:  80, one-gallon, Virginia native shrubs (border planting – one shrub every five feet).

The planting area shall be a minimum of 35 feet wide and a maximum of 100 feet wide and shall include a minimum of three different species per category (canopy and understory) selected from the approved plant list, or otherwise approved.

How do I apply?

Applications are currently being accepted.  Tree Planting Project Application

Where can I buy plants?

Any landscape or nursery business and the Virginia Department of Forestry.

More details here: Tree Planting Fact Sheet

Questions and to apply- email or mail to:

Chris Van Vlack –

Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District

30 Catoctin Circle, SE Suite H

Leesburg, VA 20175