Agricultural BMP Cost-Share (VACS) Program

Virginia is offering record funding and greater flexibility with the Ag Cost-Share program. Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District has greater funding available to assist farm operators to install Ag Best Management Practices.  Ag BMPs are known to improve or protect water quality while potentially increasing your farm’s productivity by conserving soil and making wise use of other agricultural resources.

As an owner of land in Loudoun County that may be devoted to farming, you may be eligible to receive funding to:

  • Install fences to protect a stream, wetland, spring, or pond from livestock access.
  • Install a water trough as an alternative to allowing livestock in a waterway
  • Maintain existing fences that protect a waterway from livestock
  • Convert cropland to pasture or hay land
  • Plant cover crops

Please contact one of our Conservation Specialists to learn more about applying for this great program!

-Jay Frankenfield  at; Cell: 571.439.1147; Office: (571) 918-4530 ext.#106

-Chris Van Vlack at; Office (571) 918-4530 ext.#107

-Pat McIlvaine at; Office (571) 918-4530 ext.#104