Agricultural BMP Cost-Share (VACS) Program

The cost-share program supports the use of various practices in conservation planning to treat cropland, pastureland, hay land and forested land. Some are paid for at a flat rate or straight per-acre rate. Others are cost-shared on a percentage basis exceeding 100 percent, in some cases.  An individual may receive a maximum of $100,000 per year for cost-share, for some of the practices.  All practices in the program have been included because of their ability to improve or protect water quality. Many will also increase farm productivity by conserving soil and making wise use of fertilizers and other farm resources.

Practices that may be funded: (a partial list)
• Controlling erosion
• Stream fencing and alternative watering systems
• Restoring streamside buffers
• Planting cover crops
• Establishing rotational grazing
• Planting tree seedlings in open land
• Preserving wetlands
• Protecting sinkholes
• Stabilizing eroding stream banks
• Managing nutrients, including animal waste


These documents further explain the cost-share program