Welcome to Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District

The Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District is responsible for the conservation work within its boundaries (Loudoun County)*. The mission of the District is to provide leadership in recognizing and addressing soil and water conservation issues and problems, both existing and potential, and to promote and develop education and technical programs which will meet the agricultural and urban conservation needs of our District.

For Agricultural questions, contact:

Jay Frankenfield – jay.frankenfield@lswcd.org

Pat McIlvaine – pat.mcilvaine@lswcd.org

Chris Van Vlack – chris.vanvlack@lswcd.org

Robert Wilbur – robert.wilbur@lswcd.org

Fletcher Dilldine – fletcher.dilldine@lswcd.org

Kay Powell – kaylea.powell@lswcd.org

For VCAP, conservation plans, Land Use Tax and Ag Forestal Districts questions, contact:

Chris Van Vlack – chris.vanvlack@lswcd.org

For Education questions, contact:

Jennifer Venable – jennifer.venable@lswcd.org

Kay Powell – kaylea.powell@lswcd.org

For General questions or emergencies, contact:

Suzanne Brown – suzie.brown@lswcd.org

Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District programs, activities and employment opportunities are available to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or political affiliation.