Storm Drain Marking

Loudoun County is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  This means these pollutants in our local waterways eventually drain to the Chesapeake Bay.  You can help promote stormwater runoff awareness and improve your local community by volunteering to lead a storm drain marking project.  It is easy, fun and beneficial to our local environment!

Stormwater, unlike sewer water, is not treated before entering our streams and rivers.  Common pollutants found in our waterways from stormwater runoff include fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, oil and greases, litter, pet waste, soil/sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria and heavy metals.   This can be harmful to aquatic life, cause algal blooms, and contaminate local waters used for drinking water, swimming, fishing and boating. 

Storm Drain Marking is a community service project that schools, scout troops, home owner associations, community groups and businesses will find rewarding and fun.  The storm drain markers serve as a reminder that anything dumped, thrown or washed into a storm drain ends up in local stormwater ponds and waterways. 

Please contact our local office for more information.


Phone: (571) 918-4530 ext.109