Pet Waste Station Program

The Pet Waste Station program is water quality focused. Pet waste does not just decompose on land. When it ends up in our waterways with storm water runoff, it will decompose and cause excess nutrients and bacteria to enter the water. Excess nutrients can cause excessive growth of algae and weeds, causing the water to become unusable for recreational purposes, a degraded habitat for wildlife and also costs more to cleanup for drinking water purposes. The pathogens can cause illness in humans and make the water unswimmable and unfishable. Disposing of pet waste properly reduces the amount of bacteria and nutrients from pet waste entering our local streams.

The program allows for up to a maximum of $7000 for pet waste station installation in your community. A minimum of a 3-year maintenance agreement contract per community is required. Applications should include:

  • A map of the proposed locations of the waste stations
  • An estimate from a pet waste contractor OR materials and labor costs along with a 3 year maintenance cost estimates if being done “in house” by HOA staff.

Applications will be reviewed monthly on a first-come, first served basis by the Loudoun SWCD Board of Directors.

Download an application here.
For more information e-mail