The Loudoun SWCD Rain Barrel Workshop returns!

Loudoun SWCD hosted its first rain barrel workshop in over two years, returning to Tuscarora Creek Park in Leesburg to help homeowners reduce their potable water usage.

Over 20 participants took part in the event, and in town Leesburg residents also took advantage of a $25.00 rebate offered by the tow to help cover the cost of the barrel.  Rain water harvesting can help reduce tap water use for irrigation and other outdoor uses, while for those on wells, it can provide a source of water for toilet flushing and other non-potable uses during power outages.

Thanks to everyone who came out to put conservation into action at their homes, and to the Town of Leesburg for their support!

For those who missed out on the workshop, LSWCD still has barrels available for sale at the office, with pre-made barrels for $80.00 and make your own kits for $65.00.


The Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District, in partnership with the Leesburg RainbarrelEnvironmental Advisory Commission (EAC), periodically offers rain barrel workshops in Leesburg during the spring. While the workshops are open to all, Leesburg residents can receive a discount on rain barrel purchases, through a Town of Leesburg program sponsored by the EAC.

“Rain barrels have two main benefits,” explains the Leesburg Environmental Advisory Commission. “First, by capturing the water that runs off your house’s roof, a rain barrel reduces the amount of stormwater that flows into our storm sewer system. Second, you can use the water from your rain barrel on your lawn and garden. It’s free water. Who doesn’t like something that’s free?”

For more information, please download our Rain Barrel Brochure by clicking here.