Author: Suzanne Brown

Septic Tank Pump-Out Rebates Available


***Funding for Rebates have been exhausted as of April 22, 2019. Applications will still be accepted in the event more funding becomes available.***

Proper septic system use and routine care are vital to protecting public health, preserving our groundwater, lakes, streams and waterways, and avoiding costly repairs that can result from neglect.  The Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District  “Septic Tank Pump-Out Rebate Program”  offers a $50 rebate to Loudoun landowners towards the pump-out of their septic system.  A limited number of rebates are available.  The landowner must have an approved application form from the District, and the pump-out must be reported to Loudoun County Health Department by an approved hauler, before the rebate can be issued.

The funds used for this project come from the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program, or “VCAP”. VCAP is a program of the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts which allows non-agricultural landowners the chance to receive cost share funds to install conservation practices.  For decades, Loudoun farmers have been able to take advantage of the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost Share Program to help protect soil and water resources, and now with VCAP, suburban, urban, and other residential and business property owners are able to install practices such as rainwater harvesting, conservation landscaping, and a host of other initiatives.

Districts that participate in VCAP, earn $500 in technical assistance money per VCAP practice completed. The funds can be used at the District’s discretion. The Loudoun SWCD Board felt strongly about using these funds to put more money for conservation into the community. At a recent District Board meeting, the Board voted to use these funds to assist in the launch of a local septic tank pump-out project. Loudoun SWCD is appreciative of being able to make those VCAP dollars go even further for conservation on the ground in Loudoun County.

Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP)

Project Funding Now Available to Homeowners!

Through the statewide Virginia Conservation Assistance Program, the Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District provides financial incentives to Loudoun County homeowners and business owners to create more watershed-friendly landscapes.  Eligible practices include: conservation landscaping, rain gardens, impervious surface removal, porous pavement/pavers, cisterns, dry well, vegetated swales, bioretention, and infiltration trenches.  For more details about the program, visit the VASWCD website.

Applications for Stream Buffer Planting Project Now Being Accepted

The Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District, in partnership with the Loudoun County government, is accepting applications for a unique Riparian Buffer Planting project through March 15, 2018.

Private residential, industrial, commercial, and Home Owner Association (HOA) landowners in Loudoun are all eligible to apply for funds to plant buffers along perennial (year-round) streams and water bodies. An effective technique for improving water quality, this program reimburses landowners up to $7,000 per acre for planting materials and labor costs.

For more information:  see our project fact sheet, application form, and plant list or contact Urban/Ag Conservationist, Chris Van Vlack at (571) 918-4530, ext. 107 or

LSWCD is here to help with your Conservation Farm Plan

If you are looking to build a barn, enter into open space or agricultural land use taxation, or just want to get some ideas managing your farm, LSWCD has a new revised Conservation Farm Plan which is now more tailored to specific different types of farming operations in Loudoun.  Farm plans are required by Loudoun County for the building of barns, entering the Land-Use Tax Program,  as well as for grazing livestock on parcels under five acres.  Small acreage grazing plans are developed by the District and Loudoun Cooperative Extension to help landowners manage livestock on small properties.  Contact LSWCD at (571) 918-4530 to schedule an appointment to create a farm plan for your operation.