2019 Soil and Water Stewardship Week Poster Contest

Posters are Due May 15, 2019

Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper

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This year’s theme is “Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper.” Soil is a dirty topic, but everyone needs to learn more about it! Soil is the
foundation for many of the items we use in our daily life, such as food, clothing, clean water, homes and more. Healthy soil equals
healthy food, which equals a healthy you. Don’t treat your soil like dirt!
Designing a poster and researching the theme can give you a voice in your community on important conservation issues!
Posters capture people’s attention and tell important stories in a language that everyone can understand. They
inspire, increase awareness, and encourage us to work together to protect our natural resources.
The Poster Contest is open to all Loudoun County public, private and homeschooled students in grades K—12.


  • Any media may be used, including paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, stickers, paper, or other materials.
  • Posters must be hand drawn but can be any size. Originals can digital entries (photographs or scanned copies of the
    hand drawn posters in a JPEG format) can be submitted.
  • All posters must be created by an individual student, rather than a team of students.
  • The 2019 theme “Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper” must be included on the front side of each poster.
  • Each entry must be submitted with an entry form to be eligible for judging. The form must be completed and
    signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Although younger students will most likely receive help in planning from parents or teachers, NACD encourages
    each student to do their own work. (Note: Entries with student handwriting and coloring will score better than
    those designed, drawn, and colored by adult assistance.)
  • Only local contest sponsor (Loudoun SWCD) can submit entries to the state and only the state sponsor (VASWCD)
    can submit for the national contest.


  • Conservation message (50 percent) (Poster uses correct theme)
  • Visual effectiveness (30 percent)
  • Originality (10 percent)
  • Universal appeal (10 percent)


Local awards and recognition will be given. Local winners in each category will be sent to the Virginia Association of Soil
and Water Conservation Districts. State winners will be eligible for NACD’s National Poster Contest and prizes.
All poster entries should be sent to Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District.

Posters are Due May 15, 2019

Click here for Entry Form

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